Send and receive faxes digitally

Safety and Reliability

eComFax takes security very seriously. eComFax does not store your faxes once these go through our platform, we fully comply with the highest standards FPI´s certifications.

Green, Clear and Simple

No need for fax machines, no fax server software or expensive fax hardware. No telephony infrastructure needed. No IT management needed, no servers and complex software to install.


  • Get rid of the complexity of Fax over IP and the problems for transmission and reception errors associated with ATAs and all electronic equipment.


  • Environmentally friendly, Without energy consumption, without generating waste or consuming paper, ink or toner.


  • The content of your faxes will always be clear and legible, no marks or roller stains nor dirty or blurry images.


From your desktop or mobile devices, tablets and Smart Phones. Send your faxes in a simple, easy and comfortable way, from any application via email. From any location with internet access. Use the modern responsive interface to access your documents from any smartphone, tablet or desktop within your preferred browser.

Corporate Options

Access to advanced features such as: Personalized Domains, SAP R3 integration, Multifunction devices, APIs and Web Services.

Advanced Messaging

Enjoy from the eComFax interface or your own email client the ability to use Advanced Messaging and send faxes, SMSs, SecureFAX, PCIFAX, CertiFax and CertiSMS. One platform to deliver all kind of messages.


  • CertiSMS. Deliver SMS messages and get a certificate that you can use as a proof of delivery in a legal process
  • Fax. Send faxes to anywhere in the world
  • SMSs. Send SMS from your desktop PC as if you were in your mobile.
  • SecureFax. Deliver your invoices or other documents and receive confirmation that the content has been delivered and displayed in remote computer with 100% accuracy. Reduce your DSO.
  • PCIFAX. Send/receve documents that contain credit card information or other sensitive information acording to PCI DSS standards.
  • CertiFAX. Deliver fax documents and get a certificate that you can use as a proof of delivery in a legal process